About Us

Who We Serve

Strathcona Place Society strives mainly to serve the Edmonton senior community (age 55+). We also extend our reach further through our intergenerational programs and outreach initiatives.

What We Do

Strathcona Place Society hosts a variety of courses and groups and provides outreach social services. Our mission is to better the lives of seniors and the community through recreation, social support and opportunities for senior engagement; let's Reduce Ageism Together!

How We Do It

We host numerous senior groups such as the Woodworking, Wonder Women and Wisemen's groups, as well as courses including Conversational Spanish and Fitness classes that provide opportunities to share and explore interests.


Executive director: Francisco Yu

Finance manager: Judy Cho

Program Coordinator: Leah Day

Volunteer coordinator: Danielle Moffatt

Outreach coordinator: Jojo Antony

Outreach Worker: Laura Rexhepi

Building Services Worker: Fernando Fajardo

Assistant Caretaker: Adam Allen

Wait Staff: Paul Bellemare

Strathcona place society Board

President: Larena Lewchuk

Vice President: Joy Mackenzie

Past President: Margaret Allen

Treasurer: Dr Jane Arscott

Executive Director: Francisco Yu

Director: Helen Biltek

Director: Prem Kalia

Director: Jean Crozier

Director: Angela Ostafichuk

Director: Jim Hyrue

Director: Don Ingram

Director: Monika Weber