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About free tax clinics:
Through the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP), community organizations host free tax clinics where volunteers file tax returns for eligible people. A free tax clinic is a place where eligible people can get their tax returns done for free. These clinics are hosted by community organizations across Canada through the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program. The community organization keeps taxpayer information secure and confidential and makes sure that all volunteer registrations are approved before they start volunteering and that they provide a police records check, if needed, also the CRA operates a year-round dedicated helpline for volunteers. 

There are two different types of free tax clinics.

By appointment: The individual client makes an appointment to see a volunteer and the volunteer will do your tax return during the appointment. 

Drop-off and pick-up: Currently we are offering this service to select eligible long term care facilities. A volunteer will do your return and you can pick it up at a later time.

Find out if you are eligible:
You may be eligible for help at a free tax clinic if you have a modest income
and a simple tax situation.

Modest income:
In general, a modest income is when you are in the first tax bracket.

Simple tax situation:  

In general, your tax situation is simple if you have no income or if your income comes from any of these sources:

- employment (T4)

- pension (T4-OAS, T4-CPP, T4A, RRSP, RRIF)

- benefits such as the Canada Pension Plan or disability benefits (T4A)

- insurance, employment insurance (T4E)

- social assistance (T5007)

- investment (T3 & T5)


Tax Filing Date: June 1, 2020

Payment Date: Sept 1, 2020

Even though the tax date has been moved to June 1st, we understand the concerns of seniors in our community about their taxes. The Tax Clinic will be held by May 28, 2020.

We are currently not accepting any walk-ins and drop-offs. (Contact us)


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