Strathcona Place Outreach Team (SPOT)

The Strathcona Place Outreach Team (SPOT) at SPS brings Outreach Programs and Social Services to south-west Edmonton. We are excited about finding new and innovative ways to bring the 55+ sector what they need! Call 7804335809 to book an appointment. Walk-ins not guaranteed an appointment.

Need Outreach Services?


If you are having challenges in your life, you are not alone to find viable solutions. SPOT is only a phone call away! Call 780-433-5807 for any of our Outreach Services, including: help with tax forms or other official documents, housing, housekeeping, and abusive circumstances. Our Assistant Director/Outreach Coordinator is also available at 780-433-5809.

Language Outreach


 If you speak a language other than English and are struggling to find a way to understand government forms, applications, or tax information, call us. We have 18 languages on our staff and outreach team, along with community resources for more languages.

 Here are the languages currently available:​

English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi, Italian, Tamil, Punjabi, Urdu, Gujrati, Bengali, Katchi, Spanish, Malayalam, French, Jamaican, Kannada, Korean, Albanian

Tax Outreach